Greatest Treasure

Being loved,cared for,appreciated and being able to be surrounded by people who love you is the greatest treasure of all.We should always count our blessings and be grateful for what we have been blessed with. My mother knows her daughter refrains from buying new things for herself (mostly clothing and shoes) so she splurges by... Continue Reading →

Did I gain or lose?

As I read this book called "Mindset", it made me wonder why didn't I learn cycling?.Yes, born and brought up in the plains, yet I do not know how to ride a cycle.Few more things in my list-I do not know how to swim,nor do i know how to drive a four wheeler too!. Well... Continue Reading →

Change in my mindset too?

Just finished reading this book called "Mindset" by Carol S. Dweck. I loved how the author has put it in simple words that it is always possible to develop abilities and explained about the power of mindset with examples. Five to ten pages a day of this book in the morning before starting our daily... Continue Reading →

Your umbrella is very interesting!

It has started to get very hot and humid as summer is approaching.I like to shop grocery myself so instead of the scorching heat and the humidity outside, I tucked my wallet , house keys and my umbrella to save me from the flaring sunlight. After shopping some chicken, vegetables, yoghurt from the local market... Continue Reading →

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